God fill us with fearlessness, with courage to proceed boldly in our lives. Give us vision to see with stark clarity the road paved before us and the unpaved road yet further in the distance. We have a future culture to impact, but it must start with the ones here and now. If we are to be influential in the days to come, then it begins with daily diligence NOW. Whatever the dream is in us, whatever it is that fuels our days, we must act on it, give us your strength to do so.

It doesn’t matter what our excuses are, as long as we still have them then the dream is not big enough. The dream isn’t real enough if our excuses still win. Help us to taste it, smell it, BURN for Your dreams! God fill us with your motivation and inspiration. Fill us with holy urgency and focus. You are the giver of every good and perfect gift, you are the giver of dreams.

Thank you, may Your name be made famous by our lives. Amen!



“The Word was first, the Word present to God, God present to the Word. The Word was God, 2 in readiness for God from day one. 3 Everything was created through him; nothing – not one thing! – came into being without him. 4 What came into existence was Life, and the Life was Light to live by. 5 The Life-Light blazed out of the darkness; the darkness couldn’t put it out.”

The darkness may be very dark. It might be so dark you can’t tell which way is up, dark so much it overwhelms you and threatens to smother your voice. But it won’t, you can’t let it. With whatever ounce of strength you have, if any power of hope prevails in your heart, do not let it go.

For darker days have come and gone; where death seemed pleasant and even desirable over their current conditions. To each generation comes their challenge and their opportunity. We were not founded upon fathers or mothers who sat on their laurels or who wasted time pointing fingers at problems; but rather trusted God and created a country of enterprise and freedom, both personal and national!

Do not point a finger to blame nor raise a hand to get something for nothing, do not shake your head in disgust or turn a blind eye…we are Americans, not toddlers throwing a tantrum. We are problem solvers, inventors, and leaders; not wimpy pre-pubescent children!

Can you imagine life as you would like it? Can you imagine growing old with the one you love, despite the challenges of learning to love and be loved? Can you imagine raising children in a two parent family? Can you imagine each Christmas the traditions that create the memories that foster hope, truth and love? If you can’t see it, there is little chance you will realize it. So, imagine with me, a brighter future and a rewarding life. Imagine with me having control again of your time, your choices; where you send your kids to school, where you live. Will you be able to go through a winter with the heat on? Imagine it. Will you be able to spend the last month of your dads life at his side because you have the freedom to decide? Imagine it. Will you not have to choose between paying the water bill and eating? Imagine it.

The how will come if we first focus on the why, the what. The darkness and impending doom that seemed to come at us from all angles is vanished in a moment if we have the light from vision. It might be a test of resolve at that moment. You might experience the worry that your vision is merely an illusion, but no vision is merely an illusion. It is built upon a very real idea; fed by our persistence, our meditations, and the giving of ourselves. Our vision is the hope for our future. Our vision is the light. And our light is Christ.



A few notes on vision and persistence from the current sports arena. Always a good source of motivation and truth.

“It’s the way we prepared, the way we planned, we expected this.” #1 Oregon Ducks defensive tackle Brandon Blair on securing the BCS against #2 Auburn.

“We’re resilient. We never give up. That’s the staple of this program. It takes heart, fight & commitment to get it done.” MTSU football coach Rick Stockstill on clinching 3rd bowl bid.

Opportunity is not found except by faith, diligence, hard work and… a little sense of adventure. It is offered to the looking, to the hungry.

“We just began to believe we could do something,” or rather that God could and would do something through us.

This is a story of a progression. From fear into victory, it is the growing up into the stature of the measure of nobility.

Who thinks they are diligent? Who thinks they are ambitious and motivated? Who thinks they are selfless? Who thinks they can do anything? Let them decided to own their own business and see how much they fall short! What a way for God to draw me into Him, by plunging me into my calling and stripping me of any false sense of security or ability!

If I am to succeed I must first love Him with all my heart, mind, soul and strength. Then I must be rinsed of any desire to raise the image of self.


Let me change course in thinking here. We live in a time where few it would seem possess the courage and tenacity to forge ahead in uncertain times. But this is not becoming of Americans, but especially of Christians. Americans have always been known for their triumphant heart and attitude and as Christians we must remember whose lineage we come from and to whom we belong, we are more than conquerors in Christ. We don’t sit back and wait for opportunities, nor do we tuck our heads into the sand and hope everything will pass us by unscathed, no we must look, we must seek out and search for opportunities, for answers and for the Kingdom. In doing so we will possess all that we need and we will be able to provide for others as well.

A man who can learn to steward well his own life and possessions under the care and tutelage of God and the mentors placed in his life, will be entrusted to steward the lives of many others; growing in his capacity to serve, love and lead.

Life is a series of choices we make. Will we say that thing, will we make that phone call?  Will I take that job in a different city? If we don’t know the big picture of the direction of our lives our choices may be haphazard at best. We appear to make them based on the moment. We look like opportunists but in reality we are lost. Do you know the purpose of your life? Can you answer the bigger question of why you are here? If there is no clear answer then begin there.

Lock yourself in your room, get out into a vast field with nothing but stars above your heard if you must. But wrestle that question to the ground. And when you have finished, then you can begin the process of searching, and believing the opportunities destined to be held in your hands will both seek you out and be created by yourself.

We can be sure that God has intended our lives for purpose. Can you imagine what it is?

“The core reason for someone’s success is this key element: the ability to show true leadership. Leadership will change a marriage, a business…it will change you.” Ron Ball

“You cannot lead others if you first cannot lead yourself.” Ron Ball

“When the dream is large enough, the facts don’t matter.” Dexter Yager

“Believe you are a leader. Victory over yourself will be the hardest part.” Pedro Lisardi

“Look in the mirror, what in you needs to change to stay moving?” Pedro Lisardi

“Never give up on something you can’t go a day without thinking about.” Pedro Lisardi

“Be prejiduce for your dreams, your goals and your family. Guard them.” Dexter Yager

“If you have a dream, why not build it bigger? Why not build it big enough to suit the God you serve?” Dexter Yager

“Fear is a reaction. Courage is a decision.” Pedro Lisardi

“Leadership is helping people raise the opinion of themselves.” Steve Yager

“Leadership is finding the gold in people and pulling it out.” Steve Yager

“Leadership is creating a friction of where you are and where you want to go.” Steve Yager

“Leadership is above petty things. You can’t afford to be offended.” Steve Yager

“Energy and excitement are sustained by dreams and goals.” Jerry Meadows

“Begin again…TODAY!” Jerry Meadows


Do what you were born to do. For when you do you what you were created for you will be fully alive.

A person fully alive is magnetic. A person fully alive lives without excuse to live as they should. For, what excuse do they have? God has supplied us with everything for life and godliness.

A person doing what they were born for is not longer ‘doing,’ they are ‘being.’ And when you are ‘being,’ you are at rest with yourself and others.

A person at rest invites others to do the same. They create an environment of peace, of dreaming, and of hoping.

When grace awoke in my soul,
There was nothing I could do.
Every effort had amassed defeat,
Every act was a statement of hypocrisy.
And in my surrender I said yes,
To grace which made me whole.

We have been fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of God. We are not copies, but originals; and we are not forgotten, but named. We are extraordinary.

Now you see? If you’re extraordinary why are you living like your mediocre or like your life isn’t on purpose? 

Extraordinary people finish well, and they finish strong. They know that how they end one season is how they will start the next.

Extraordinary people seize the day. They do not wait for the day to happen to them, but they understand that to succeed in life you have to live each day on purpose and with intent.

Extraordinary people have an unselfish care for the welfare of others.  

Extraordinary people are good listeners, retaining what they hear, because they understand that wise counsel is safe and fools fight against it.

Extraordinary people study and read and meditate.

Extraordinary people steward their bodies well because they understand we are triune and holistic people that need to be cared for physically, spiritually, emotionally and mentally.

Extraordinary people talk differently. Their words are full of grace, wisdom and joy; encouraging and teaching others.

Extraordinary people stand, dress, and walk differently because they respect themselves and they respect others.